Friday, July 23, 2010

Feel not good today!!i love him..i miss him..but...y he cannot fulfill my request..only 4 a that such a difficult thing to do???juz open ur lappy and open ur WC...really2 wanna c could u...i'm not asking u to come and see me here..rite now come and see me..only one request!plz open ur WC lappy..miss u so much...if this request u felt really annoying..never mind..diz is my last request..this is my only first and last to ask all dat..tenkiu so much..tenkiu 4 being so kindness n honest to say its really hard to open it..and u will juz open it 2morrow..i dun need it tomorrow..i need it now!!can u juz plz fulfill it???n my heart is really2 broken
my mood : upset + sadness!!:((((((

(broken english)

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