Saturday, October 22, 2011


Dear blog,
i already choose the right thing for me
i just cant do it by now
but sooner or later i will do it
i've choose to leave social networking life
ill try to be good in myself

one more thing dearies blog,
i've choose not to write in here everyday
or maybe once in a week
or maybe 
ill never write any story to you
im so sory
i want to leave all the beginning
and i choose to end up all this

i will still here looking up 4 u
but i cant promise
i can take a good care of u anymore
i have to write to another place
this place is not privacy anymore.
take a good care of urself honey
i will miss u


azana said...

tulis lah diari di dalam hatimu.. itu more more privasy...

misrerama said...

hahaa. ill try looking to another space. ;p