Thursday, October 20, 2011

Face Expression

hye mr. blog !
 im here to fulfill my promise last night to u 
i dun forget
i remember all things i've said to u
dun worry
actually, it is nothing
i jus want u to know
that im okay right now
im sorry for posting sad word to u every day
it is karma
sumtime u will get happy all da time
sumtime u will get sadness but not all da time
chill !
so i would like to show you
my very annoying face

please dun vomit
promise k?

(muka awal2 dulu time post ayat2 sdeyh)
 ni dh cuba nk senyum dah walaupun masih merenung jauh
 hey, im smiling ! =)

shoot me! hahaha
Last, but not least
i hope and im praying to Allah
dun take back the new happiness which i have right now
im just trying to be strong, stronger and strongest,
without him by my side
i just want to look good everyday
without dark eyebag crying for no reason



qlah said...


yeah ! akak dah senyum ! ;D

misrerama said...

hehehe. thank u sweety. ;)

azana said...

mane ada orng nangis tanpa sebb shafiqa sayang oii...

misrerama said...

hahaha. saye menangis xtau sbb apa. hahahaha

Betta sp said...

pikachu photogenic:)

James Buns said...

ore ajak chill xnk..hihi.

:) be strong.

misrerama said...

betta ; ini bukan fotogenik. ini edit melampau2 =p

james buns : well, bukan xnak. tp xde hati nk pegi.